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By Steven Tu, Product Manager – UV Printers, Roland DGA

It was a busy two weeks for our UV team as we showcased our UV printers at three trade shows across the country.  One of the shows was the Flexographic Technical Association’s Annual  Forum and INFO*FLEX Exhibition, an event dedicated to flexographics and packaging.  Roland’s VersaUV LEC-330 drew a lot of attention at the show.  Attendees and exhibitors alike were interested in knowing how and why they should use the VersaUV to produce packaging prototypes.  I’d like to share this information with you in this week’s Friday Fare.

1: The right printer… Creating flexo packaging prototypes can be difficult and time-consuming if you don’t have the right equipment,  especially if you want to produce them digitally. You’ll need a user-friendly printer capable of using White and Clear inks, producing superior quality prints, and printing directly onto the actual substrate.  In other words, a VersaUV LEC-330 or LEC-540. Not only do these printers meet all of the requirements mentioned above, they also boast integrated contour cutting capabilities. With a VersaUV LEC-330 or LEC-540, a realistic prototype takes only minutes to produce, versus hours or even days. The right printer for flexo packaging.

2: The right inks… ECO-UV inks, which include CMYK, Gloss, and White, can satisfy many flexible prototype packaging requirements. However, when creating shrink sleeve label prototypes, shrink sleeve labels, shrink wraps, and packaging that requires vacuum forming or thermoforming, ECO-UV inks may not be right for the job. For applications like these, ECO-UV S inks are a better choice. ECO-UV S ink offers unprecedented elasticity and improved adhesion properties, allowing prints to be stretched up to 220 percent without cracking. Available in CMYK plus white, this ink set is ideal for the above-mentioned uses.

3: The right solutions… So, equipped with the right printer and the right ink set, can you produce the desired prototype?  Yes, if you  also have the know-how.  If you don’t have the expertise, don’t worry.  Roland has that covered. The Webinar and documents at our website can walk you through the prototype creation process step-by-step.  For handling complex color management workflows, GMG, CGS and EFI software (compatible with Roland’s VersaUV printers) is available. These software programs can drive our UV printers directly and are used by commercial flexo printers to color manage workflow, so you can produce very accurate color print results from VersaUV that will match the flexo printers.

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