Scratch Offs

The Scratch Off concept contributes to the design originality of effective marketing materials. Consider incorporating an unusual shape, like a mustache or sunglasses, or fit the scratch off into a portion of the image, like the lenses of the sunglasses alone. Scratch off is a perfect method for increasing interest in your products. Speak with one

Hidden Messages

Single Play hidden message game pieces drive participants to targeted websites or other destinations where they decode hidden messages to reveal prizes, value offers and discounts. Hidden messages or images are printed in the physical game pieces, which are used to drive recipients to websites, digital signage, JumboTrons, TVs, Kiosks, or other light emitting devices.

Dual Layer Labels

Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRCs) can be printed on three panels (front, back, and base) to attract attention and give consumers yet another reason to put your products in their shopping cart. At KDV Label, we help manufacturers drum up sales with unique and innovative redeemable offers: Peel & Scan Coupons Point of Purchase Coupons Mail-In