It’s going to take
a team effort!

Our Sustainability Approach

Our approach focuses our time, effort, and resources into three categories.

Business Operations

We have been taking steps since the early ‘90s to reduce our footprint. We look forward to advancing and amplifying, these efforts, which include:

  • Recycling matrix waste
  • Products made of primarily Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified materials
  • Eliminated:
    • Solvent inks
    • Solvent plate making
    • Ethyl acetate
    • Negative chemicals
    • Bags in boxes
    • Installed energy efficient lighting
    • Reduced water usage by more than 5,600 gallons

Customer Solutions

Count on us as part of your team as you look for label solutions that will help reach your sustainability goals, as well as please your consumers. We monitor industry trends and regulations to inform the development of our product lines and services around the sustainability needs of our customers, including:

  • Identify viable, environmentally friendly material options
  • Encourage and facilitate the recycling of liner
  • Assist in product life-cycle and recyclability analysis
  • Advise on how to reduce label size and ink coverage
  • Set up jobs to increase print efficiencies and reduce waste

Community Engagement

By encouraging and supporting the contributions of our employees and surrounding community, we know the ripple effect will make a significant impact in sustainability efforts far and wide. KDV has always strived to be a good corporate citizen and continues to take this responsibility seriously.

While KDV has taken many steps to implement and maintain environmentally friendly processes, procedures, equipment, certifications, and so on; we will make a much grander impact by helping others learn about sustainability. Our goal is to educate and inspire our employees and community to take action, big or small, every day at KDV, at home, and wherever they may go.

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