Project Description

Variable-data printing (VDP) has become an extremely valuable tool in direct-marketing and promotions. It is also occasionally referred to as variable-information printing

VDP is a natural extension from the huge promotional printing growth, and uses digital data to inhale labels.  It can integrate multiple databases and merge all the information together .

Using this technology, text, graphics, and/or images may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping the printing process.  The benefit is higher response rates and sales.

Inkjet imaging enables us to print each product different than the next in the following manners:

  • Variable images
  • Sequential barcodes
  • Sequential numbers
  • Non-sequential numbers
  • Alphanumeric codes
  • Random messages
  • Simple graphics
  • Seed winning and non-winning messages throughout a game and sweepstake production run

Variable Data Inkjet imaging is now available in common colors in addition to black.