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Optimize Your Label Program to Deliver Consistent Savings

In order to generate the lowest total cost label program, the entire KDV process is reviewed to synchronize with your procurement needs.  Maintaining the integrity of your label and its performance is non-negotiable, servicing your label program is where we deliver value and savings.

We work closely with you to optimize factors that can impact your total label cost, including:

  • Locations/geography
  • Seasonality
  • Number of SKUs
  • Production and storage capacity
  • Inventory levels
  • Budget
  • Material specification
  • Transportation/logistics
  • Order frequency

Using this strategy, we have saved our customers time, reduced costs, and minimized the stress of their label program.

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Scott Lawrence

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Dedicated Account Management

Continuously improving upon the value you receive for your packaging dollar requires a deep understanding of your production flow, consistent and timely communication, as well as experienced account management. We work with customers to develop, maintain, and continuously improve label programs that help:

  • Reduce risk
  • Limit inventory
  • Optimize pricing
  • Gain agility

“KDV’s responsiveness has always been excellent and on task. It is extremely helpful to have one point-of-contact that understands our business and responds to requests in record timing.”

>  Mike Profetto, Gold Eagle Co.

“Most printers have the capabilities to handle many SKUs, but KDV provides great service. The projects flow well and we can rely on consistent lead times.”

>  Matt Steadman, Premium Waters

“Their customer service and responsiveness is outstanding. I have been buying labels from them since 1991 and I can always count on KDV.”

>  Fritz Usinger, President at Usinger Famous Sausage

“Thanks for the exceptional service and quality that we receive from you and KDV, it does not go unnoticed. We consider you a valuable partner!”

>  Dale Lutz, Sr Specialist Product Development at Nestle Professional

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Whether you are looking for a second source or a new label provider, we are looking forward to learning more about your products and labels!